Our History

Welcome to The Style Salon. We are Summerside’s eco-sustainable hair salon offering a full range of services from a well-tailored cut and color to brow shaping or a beautifully finished style. We specialize in helping you find solutions to your haircare needs. We also have one of the largest retail boutiques with beauty products by brands like Redken, Purology, Moroccanoil and Kevin Murphy to name a few. Our team takes great pride in helping you feel comfortable and confident from the moment your visit begins until it’s time to say goodbye. We invite you to take a moment to check out our website and service offerings and when you’re ready we look forward to your arrival.

Located in the beautiful City of Summerside, Prince Edward Island. The Style Inc. is a local, family owned hair company with 3 locations in the Summerside area:

  • The Style Salon located in County Fair Mall
  • Life Styles Salon on McEwen Rd.
  • Our training academy Hair Concepts located on Water St.
Opening of the first Style salon in Summerside at Waterfront Mall in 1974

In the Beginning

The Style Inc. started as a small two chair barber shop in 1974 and quickly grew to 7 locations around the island. In the early 90’s our company committed its future growth to Summerside and sold the other locations. With 2 locations in Summerside during a period where there was a shortage of hairstylists and no local training facilities available, The Style Inc. saw an opportunity. We pioneered Hair Concepts Training Academy and opened our doors in ’92 and began training hairstylists creating more jobs for the area.

Our first salon opened in Summerside in 1974 at Waterfront Mall. This was our flagship location until a shift happened in shopping traffic throughout Summerside and businesses were closing and moving to the busy north end of the city. The Waterfront Mall felt the impact of this shift and closed its doors in 2005. The Style Inc. saw this as an opportunity to move the salon to a new location and in 2006 Life Styles Salon and Boutique opened its doors on McEwen Rd.

Throughout the history of The Style there remains one original salon that bears the company’s original name. The Style Salon opened in ’75 just as County Fair Mall was being constructed. It’s now our largest hair salon and over the years has been fortunate to have helped foster confident, skilled and knowledgeable hairstylists, some of whom have studied with the best in the industry and have taken advanced training from Halifax, Vancouver and Las Vegas.

Going Green


Converted to energy efficient lighting

Accomplished a 95% waste reduction since 2015

2546 pounds of waste diverted since 2015

A GCS fee of $1.25 is added to certain services for recycling.

For more information visit Greencircle Salons

The Facts

Converted to energy efficient lighting

Accomplished a 95% waste reduction since 2015

2546 pounds of waste diverted since 2015

A GCS fee of $1.25 is added to certain services for recycling.

For more information visit Greencircle Salons

Did You Know:

Hair Clippings are considered waste and when placed in a plastic bag and buried in a landfill hair will begin to mummify. The mummification process produces methane gas which leaks from the bag and into the eco-system. At The Style Salon, our hair is gathered and sent to a facility on the West Coast where Greencircle manufactures nylon booms stuffed with hair for the purposes of oil spill cleanup. Human hair has the same adsorbent properties as an animal’s fur or feathers and proves extraordinarily effective at removing oil from water. Nylon booms are donated to any party in the event of an oil spill.

Our Impact:

With the planet focusing on environmental issues and many people and businesses becoming sustainable in the 21st century, we knew as the largest salon in the local area we needed to do more to reduce our impact on the environment. The Style Salon was one of the first salons in the Maritimes to take on this initiative of becoming environmentally sustainable. It was through our partnership with Greencircle Salons in 2015 that opened the door to significantly reducing our waste and start recycling everything that could not be recycled by our local green initiatives. Hair clippings, chemical waste, used foil, aerosol cans and #7 plastics are now all being diverted from our local landfills and eco-system and are being sent to other locations across Canada to be recycled back into useful consumables. Our staff along with our guests are proud to be part of the efforts our salon accomplishes everyday as we lead the way in salon sustainability.


Nothing is more beautiful than giving back

Charity starts at home and The Style Salon has always fostered a strong connection to the communities that have been the backbone to our success. We donate to local schools, fundraisers, non-profits and foundations. It’s one small way to ensure a more beautiful future for our guests and our community.

If you’re interested in receiving a donation to a cause close to your heart, we would love to hear from you. Drop in and visit us or call 902 436 4292 and we will give you all the information you will need to receive your donation.


Nancy W.

Just came back to Canada. Getting used to my new “home town” of Summerside also meant finding a new stylist. Huge stroke of luck to find Jessica at the Style Salon. Had my first appointment today and I’m absolutely delighted with the results. The cut is perfect, exactly what I asked for, efficiently and very professionally done. I highly recommend her and will certainly be back again. THANKS JESS!

Renée M.

Awesome experience! Everyone was super friendly including my stylist Lyndsey. Taking my hair to a platinum blonde is going to take a few sessions however very pleased after only the first phase! If you want to go blonde I would definitely recommend Lyndsey!

Donovan P.

Omg the Style Salon is the best! I go and actually have a great time joking and having fun with not only one stylist but all of them because it’s like a huge family in there… just a great time to chill and have fun… and totally recommend anyone to go and enjoy a new “Style” Please you won’t regret it EVER!


Great experience as always. Thanks Cathy, you make getting a trim and brow wax actually a fun experience with your wonderful sense of humour and personality.


I loved my hair cut. I love the flexibility of your salon, and being able to book online. I don’t always book the same hair stylist because I know they are all quality employees who care. Thank you.


I was thoroughly impressed. Got in on time. Staff were very friendly and fun. Love my hair and makeup . Highly recommended to my friends and Co workers. I will be back again. Thanks k you so kindly for making my stressful day a whole lot less stressful. Appreciated.

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